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You are invited to gather with us for worship on Sunday mornings at 10:00a.m and in the evening at 5:30p.m. Each worship service focuses our attention on God’s Word to us through scripture reading, singing, prayers, offerings, and a sermon.

We hope that you will join us after the worship service for coffee and conversation. This is a time of fellowship to allow us an opportunity to get to know you, and you us. 

We welcome you to join us as we experience the rich love of Jesus Christ in worship as we come together to celebrate the joys in our lives and to be supported through the sorrows that come our way.



Our church has over 100 children involved in worship and learning every Sunday and through the week. We’re so thankful for the volunteers who teach Sunday School and organize mid-week programs. Our hope is that boys and girls will accept God’s marvelous love for them in Christ Jesus and make a positive difference in the world by living a Spirit-filled life!



Children love to learn about God’s love for them! In our morning worship services children aged 3 and up remain in the service with their parent(s) for the first 20 minutes. After our congregational prayer we sing a song geared for children. Sometimes we also have a special mini-message where they’re invited forward to the front of the sanctuary. After the song and/or mini-message, children aged 3 to grade 3 are excused with their teachers to the Sunday school classrooms in the downstairs education wing. After the service ends (typically around 11:10) parents can pick up their children from the age-designated rooms downstairs. Each class has a volunteer teacher and a helper who have a heart for the spiritual needs of children. The classes range in size from three to 10 students. Our learning materials take into account the different ways children learn (ie. through listening, crafts and actions). They learn stories from the Bible that tell of the awesome wonder of God and help us see how much we matter to God. Our heart is for children to know and accept God’s grace and truth in Jesus Christ!


Our well-equipped nursery provides a play space for infants to 3-year-olds. Our attendants are all members of our church with police background checks and a heart for the care of your child. Care is available during the Sunday morning and evening worship services and our Tuesday morning Coffee Break women’s program.

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